10 Macaron Ring Flavors Now Available


Whitestone Jewelry Co. - Macaron Ring flavors


We just released our newest flavor, Passion Fruit Mango. There's now 10 flavors in the shop, look out for a new ring set that we'll unveil soon and stack your faves!

Strawberry Rhubarb
Passion Fruit Mango
Guava Elderflower
Pistachio Pear
Matcha Green Tea
Honey Lavender
Hazelnut Coffee
Chocolate Tangerine
Coconut Almond
Saffron Rose


For every ring sold, 5% of net profit will support L.A. Kitchen, a food conserving, job creating charity. Please read more about them and why we give back in our About section and find out how you can out more on their website

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