Sizing Guide


The best way to find your size is to base it off of your current ring size. Our rings run true to size, unlike clothing where different brands may cater to different body shapes and types. Consider your preference for a snug or loose fit too. If you do not know your ring size, finding it at any local jewelry shop takes less than a minute and will ensure greatest accuracy. You can also use our Ring Guide below to find your size from home. The German sizing listed below is in millimeters (mm), you can use that on an existing ring to know what size you wear for the inside diameter. Please let us know if you need any assistance.


Three Step Method

Whitestone Jewelry Co. Ring Size Guide


International Ring Sizing Chart



Since a bangle bracelet must fit over your hand, you need more than a wrist measurement. Please draw your thumb to the base of the pinky finger and measure around your hand (shown below). This is the same motion used to put a bangle on and the measurement is close to the inside diameter of a bangle bracelet. We list the inside diameter of our every bangle to help you know what size to order.

If you don't have a flexible tape measure please use a strip of paper and measure it's length after fitting around your hand. Let us know if you are having any trouble and we can help further.