Timeless + Vintage Stone

We got our start on Etsy in 2012 with the contents of a family member's jewelry shop that closed in the 1970s and a dream to provide unique stone pieces that last. Pieces that could stand the test of time and go well with anything. After a great run on Etsy we decided it was time to develop our brand and get to know customers better so that we could provide an even greater experience! In March 2017, we launched this website to continue our focus on providing unique vintage stone & new handmade pieces. Our team is based in San Diego and Los Angeles. Some of our new handmade jewelry contain materials repurposed from vintage items. We hope you love our pieces as much as we love collecting and making them for you. 

Our rings are now on Amazon to make the ordering experience fast and easy in more places than just our website.


What we believe

design matters / people matter / your choice is important / beauty is in the details / follow patterns, not trends / progress is trusting what you do not know / everyone is created equal / the truth matters / love will conquer all / we are connected / laughter is contagious 


The Elysian Black Onyx Stone Ring

The ring that started it all for us. This is our most popular piece. We have sold them to customers in over 30 countries around the world. They are engagement rings for a couple in college that can't afford diamonds, stocking stuffers on Christmas, promise rings for high school sweethearts, and a reminder of a husband that wore a black onyx ring everyday but has since passed away. We learn so much from connecting with our customers and we hope to help you decide on the perfect piece for your life. 


When we were on Etsy