boxed set of 7 chakra stone rings from whitestone jewelry co

Chakra Stone Ring Set - 7 Bands

The Chakras are energy centers in the body that work together to keep us healthy and grounded.

They are like an energetic highway for our life force, which flows through us from head to toe. Each chakra corresponds with a specific activity or issue in life - we can use these rings to help heal, balance, or energize ourselves for those things!

Each ring has a stone that corresponds to the energy of one of the chakras. They are all beautiful, earthy gemstones.

The stones in this ring set are all beautiful, earthy gemstones. They range from pale yellowish gold to deep green and everything in between. Each stone has its own unique shape, texture and color. These qualities make each stone a perfect fit for any chakra energy you need to focus on or bring into your life!

Chakras are powerful energy centers within the body. The 7 chakras are our body's connection to the world around us.

set of 7 chakra stone rings from whitestone jewelry co. lying on grass with open box

The chakras are located along what Hindus call a "sushumna" — an imaginary energetic pathway that runs through our spine and up into our skull. The root chakra is at the base of your spine; with it comes connection with your feet and legs, which means grounding in yourself as well as others around you.

The sacral chakra can be found between your navel (where we store food) and genitals, while solar plexus relates closely to sexual energy; heart represents love; throat represents communication; third eye represents wisdom/perception (but also includes intuition); crown relates closely with higher self—your soul!

Each chakra is associated with specific activities and life issues, and you can use these rings to help heal, balance, or energize yourself for those things.

young woman wearing yoga clothes outdoors while holding the whitestone jewelry co. chakra stone ring set

Chakra stones are used to help heal and balance the body because each one of them has its own energy center in the body. The chakras are also known as “energy centers” because they hold our spiritual energy (prana). Chakras come in seven different types: crown (damage), third eye (soul), heart/center (love), throat/throat (vitality), solar plexus/navel area(will power) lower belly(balance) physical body.(health)


The chakra stones are beautiful, earthy gemstones. Each one is cut with precision and care to be comfortable to wear on your fingers. These rings are a perfect way to balance yourself at any time. We hope you love them for many years to come and share them with your loved one and the world.

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