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While recently watching "Chopped" on The Food Network, I saw one of the All-Stars episodes, it featured the best chefs competing against one another to win money for charity. It was so amazing to hear that one of the All-Stars was going to donate his winnings to L.A. Kitchen, as it is a charity that's dear to our hearts and which we give to. While the chef didn't end up winning, it brought needed awareness to the organization just like we have done.

Giving back is one of the most important ways for companies to invest within the community. For Whitestone Jewelry Co., we choose to give back to L.A. Kitchen. They turn fresh food that would normally go to waste, into supplies for a training program for youth and adults that are transitioning out of incarceration or foster care, and into the working world. Not only are they attempting to break the stigma of incarceration, but they are teaching individuals how to turn "wasted" food into healthy options and ensure program members can gain steady employment and be successful members of society. 

Whitestone, along with several other individuals and organizations, has pledged to donate 5% of all macaron ring net profits to L.A. Kitchen. Individuals can also help at the L.A. Kitchen organization by volunteering, donating money, and donating resources. You can check out more and find ways to get involved via their website, http://www.lakitchen.org/.

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